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Re: Conlang beginnings

From:Robert J. Petry <ambassador@...>
Date:Monday, October 19, 1998, 18:18
John Cowan wrote:

> Peter Clark wrote: > > > You know, I don't know of anyone who has created a "complete" > > conlang...there are always more words to be added, > > Well, yes, in that sense; but then there are no complete languages > whatever. Neologisms are always appearing in all living languages > and even some dead ones (the Vatican needs to coin Latin words > to refer to modern things). > > But outside the lexicon: Esperanto is complete, Lojban is complete. > (I don't call my book _The Complete Lojban Language_ for nothing; > the title was chosen to imply that not only the book, but also > the language, was complete.)
Rap Lin Rie is complete as is Occidental. And, both are being actively used today. Plus, the user base is growing now daily. However, that, as you mention above, does not preclude the fact that new words will be, and are being added, as does English or any other active language. Al l sue, e Amico, Bob, x+