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Re: USAGE : English past tense and participle in -et

From:David Barrow <davidab@...>
Date:Saturday, December 27, 2003, 3:55
Costentin Cornomorus wrote:

>--- Gary Shannon <fiziwig@...> wrote: > > >>>>On Fri, 26 Dec 2003, Andreas Johansson >>>> >>>> >>wrote: >> >> >>>>>Lately, I've seen alot of people >>>>> >>>>> >>misspelling the >> >> >>>past tense and passive >>> >>> >>>>>participle ending _-ed_ as **_-et_. >>>>> >>>>> >>Lately I've seen a lot of people using the >>non-word >>"alot" a lot. >> >>If we're going to admit "alot" why not also >>admit >>"afew", "alittle", "abunch" and "anumber". If >>I can >>write "I have alot of ideas" I should be able >>to write >>"I have acouple dollars," and "I have abunch of >>grapes." >> >> > >Well, a- is an old intensive particle in English >(as well as a present participal marker). I doubt >that people are aware of this, but it seems that >they're simply recomposing single words that look >to have been decomposed at some time apast. > >
a- is a reduced form of OE ge in alike aware a prefix meaning 'out' in arise abide it's a reduced form of preposition 'on' in 'a hunting' 'a building' for example but in this case hunting is a gerund (verbal noun) not a present participle etc etc What examples do you have with a- as a present participle marker?
>When you think about it, "a" in such phrases >really can't be the indefinite article, because >the noun that follows is always plural. (Can >anyone think of any exceptions?) >
lot is singular so it can take the indefinite article lots is the plural alternative we also have an amount of a number of a quantity of Though these don't mean much or many Exceptions any non count noun a lot of money, a lot of trouble, a lot of waste David Barrow
> > > >>Just a nother >> >> > >Ah! Tha does that too! Nother is an interesting >word. It can be, as it is here, a transferrence >of the N of "an" to "other"; so it is a nother < >another < an other. Nother can also be < ne >other, and means neither of two. > >Padraic. >


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