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From:Gary Shannon <fiziwig@...>
Date:Friday, December 26, 2003, 16:46
It occured to me to wonder what a conlang would look
like if it were designed specifically for use in
poetry.  Some random thoughts:

The poet must have a choice of many different ways of
expressing a particular thought.
   []  The word order must be very flexible.
   []  The stressed vowel must be marked so
       that rythm is clearly defined for each word.
   []  Each word has a prescribed rhythm with
       which it is spoken.
   []  There must be a good supply of synonyms
       and near-synonyms.
   []  There might be more than one way of
       conjugating a verb. For example, suppose
       "ti" is the first person singular pronoun
       affix that is suffixed to the verb "núnya"
       as "núny’ti", 'n’nyáti", or prefixed to
       the verb in modified form as "t’núnya",
       or "tín’nya".  Depending on the requirements
       of meter and rhyme all four forms are

The words must flow pleasantly both individually and
in combination.
     [] Harsh and gutteral sounds should be
        avoidable, yet harsh sounds should be
        available for use where aesthetically
     [] Each word must have a particular
        metrical pattern that it fits.
     [] Rhyming should not be the result of some
        rigid form of word endings.
        ( E.g., rhyming is easy of every word
        is requireded to end in "-ambo")
     [] The joining of words should allow for
        maximum euphony. Word endings may have
        different forms depending on what sound
        starts the following word. "dóban d’kámatu"
        vs "dóbam bósa" vs "dóbani tása"
        where "dóban", "dóbani" and "dóbam" are
        alternate forms of the same word.

What other qualities might an explicity poetic
language posses?



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