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Re: Ancient Egyptian Orthography (Was: Conlang orthographies [was Re: Latin grammar])

From:Mau Rauszer <maurauser@...>
Date:Friday, September 6, 2002, 15:00
 <DigitalScream@...> 2002.09.05. 12:49:31 -4h-kor írta:
Zesefde idah...
> Hi! > > I'm not sure what image file .png is... I can view .jpg, .pdf, gif... > > If someone who can read those can usually read .png, then I probably can, > but > if not, I have no clue (I'm a Mac person).
You probably can. Almost every web browser supports PNG.
> Man, that website is sooooo fancy! I like your hieroglyphs. I also > like > the script that you showed a little bit of. I'm always interested in > turning > unexpected or difficult orthographies into script... Anyway, so let me know > about the image thing
I've uploaded it to my Hia qi Mau Online. Well, I'll soon start that LW site. Probably right after I got to my own computer (from monday to friday afternoon I'm in the college and everybody gets upset if I start with something that takes up more time than 10 min :) And you'll see what I'm talking about and please give me your impressions about the language and the script too. My Hia qi Mau Online will also receive an English version when I get a lil' time. so here's the URL of the pic: Orthography transscription (from left to right): {heq}[i][de] [ta] uqb'[n] (qi) hen[i][de] [ta] uia[n] Heqide ta uquban qi henide ta wiyan. "I'd eaten the corn (bread) and I'd drunk the water." and the word [long][noy][ad] -- longonoyad = "language-created" = 'conlang' is here: [] -- ideogram or syllabe sign used as ideogram () -- ideogram-ish word written with alphabetic signs. {} -- syllabe sign ' -- skipping indicator They can skip vowels: if you write down a vowel (or a syllabe sign) and the next vowel also has the same frontness you needn't write down the following vowel. And until the following vowel hasn't the same roundedness, you skip all the vowels. Even between words. But when you skip the first or last vowel of a word you should indicate it with a skipping indicator. (the 8th sign of heqide.png) -- Mau Ábrahám Zsófia alias Mau Rauszer | | "Yú lawe ta mau taqe yibali amis qi ú neb dagu tawiy iq." -- Kipling