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Re : Re: "If"

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Date:Saturday, May 22, 1999, 8:39
Dans un courrier dat=E9 du 22/05/99 02:28:48  , Ed a =E9crit :

> > I'm curious, also, about the things your cultures tend > > to associate with "being a man" (or a mature person in > > general). [Maybe that should go over to Conculture] > =20 > I think that the main thing associated with "being a man" in the > Sawila culture is having a singing voice with a somewhat different > range... And being slightly more likely to mate with a female. But I > didn't make up the Sawila culture; I just made up a big of language > for them. :)
Tunuans are a normal people, that is, they have an initiative ceremony makin= g=20 kids adults so they stop wondering how they could possibly become mature.=20 Whatever one does afterwards is still considered adult activity. Mathias