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AE: Reloaded + Babel

From:Pascal A. Kramm <pkramm@...>
Date:Wednesday, November 3, 2004, 0:25
I've done a few changes now, like e.g. abandoning the umlauts (changing "ä"
to "ae" and "ö" to "ir"), and changing the th to t/d as Sally suggested. The
site is still the same:

So you can see the extent of the changes, here's the new Babel text:

1 Nau de houl wirld haed wan laengwidg wid de saim wirds.
2 Dgirniing ihstwards, men faund ae plain in Shinar aend seteled der.
3 Dai said tu wan aenaser: "Kam! Let's maik brik aend birn it tarouli!" Dai
used brik insted of stoun aend tar insted of mortar.
4 Den dai said: "Kam! Let's bild ae siti for us wid ae tauer up tu de skei,
tu maik ae naim for us, so daet wi ar nat skaeterd ouwer se houl irs!"
5 Bat HaShem kaim daun tu sih de siti aend de tauer men wer bilding.
6 HaShem said: "If aes wan pihpel wid wan laengwidg dai haew bigan duing
dis, nating dai plaen tu du wil bi impasibel for dem.
7 Kam! Let's gou daun aend konfjuhs der laengwidg, so daet dai wil nat
understaend ihtsh oder."
8 So HaShem skaeterd dem ouwer se houl irs, aend dai stoped bilding se siti.
9 Derfor de siti was naimed Babel, bikohs der HaShem konfjuhsd de laengwidg
of de houl wirld; fram der HaShem skaeterd dem ouwer de houl irs.

Pascal A. Kramm, author of Choton
official Choton homepage: