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Off Topic: Something I found

From:D Tse <exponent@...>
Date:Monday, April 23, 2001, 9:50
Would this be anyone on this list?


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I used to eat paper.

I'm a total pyro. My ex bought me an aromatherapy candle and it's like
candy. I dip my fingers in the wax, break the wax off, and watch it melt. I
love fire, melting wax... anything like that.

I try to step exactly twice (left-right or right-left) or exactly once in
every square on the sidewalk. Sometimes I have to jolt in order to get back
in synch.

Or I'll be looking down as I walk along, with my finger pointed out like a
little phaser, and try to vaporize each square on the sidewalk before I get
to it, while walking normally.I can't vaporize a square I'm standing on or
the rapid nadion reaction will get me too.

I sing along to my walkman out loud in metro stations (but never on the
train itself) and while walking along. When this is for some reason unsafe
or impossible, I'll mouth the words, or I'll fingerspell the initial letter
of each word in the song.

I find myself using words from all of the languages I know when in
conversation. (French, Spanish, Esperanto, and a sprinkling of German,
Italian, and ASL.)

I invent languages.


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