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Re: water (was:re:sounds like...)

From:Matt Pearson <mpearson@...>
Date:Monday, November 23, 1998, 18:08
> >many of my own words for "water" (Olaetyan "itrya", Alzetjan > "djelna", > >Cispa "tipsic", Jarrda "pean", etc.)
I like "itrya" for water. I'd steal it except that Tokana doesn't allow clusters like "tr" (there's no "r" sound in Tokana at all, in fact).
> >I really don't have any idea why words like "aqua" and "shui" sound > more > >watery to me than, say, "tubig" or "hudor", but they do.
Tokana has several words for water. Water as a substance or element is "hum", a word which I'm supremely unhappy with and will have to change one of these days. The other two words for water are better: Like animals and plants, the Tokana classify water as either 'wild' or 'domestic', where the former is referred to as "kunu" and the latter as "nan". "Nan" is water which has been sanctioned for human use in a special 'water harvest' ceremony ("sikespot nan"). "Kunu" is all other sources of water. Among the Tokana it is taboo to drink from or bathe in "kunu" (a mountain stream, for example) without performing certain rituals. Similar rituals are required when fishing, hunting, gathering wild plants, clearing new farmland, or otherwise exploiting undomesticated resources. Matt.