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BAL - vowels

From:lucasso <lucasso@...>
Date:Saturday, November 21, 1998, 21:28
first question before all, are we going to do it here on conlang group or
should i send all on priv (if yes, then on whose?)

polish vowels:
u (u) - high back roundd
o (O) - mid back roundd
a - low central
e (e,E)- mid front unroundd
i and y are allophones:
i (i) - close front unroundd (at the beginning and after soft(palatalized)
y (1(sampa)) - close central unroundd, like russian 'bI'

there are also nasal: 'e' and 'o'

long vowels disapeared long ago...
(i have some problems with long vowels pronountiation)
polish is rather consonantal lang (in opposite to french for example)

do everybody use sampa?

who are in BAL group, are there any list?