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Re: water (was:re:sounds like...)

From:Sylvia Sotomayor <sylvia1@...>
Date:Monday, November 23, 1998, 4:10
At 08:18 PM 11/22/98 -0500, you wrote:
>On Sun, 22 Nov 1998, Mia/Rob Soderquist wrote: > >> Herman Miller wrote: >> > Actually, I think "aqua" is a pretty good word for "water". Better than >> > many of my own words for "water" (Olaetyan "itrya", Alzetjan "djelna", >> > Cispa "tipsic", Jarrda "pean", etc.) >> >> I like "aqua" for "water" too, though I was thinking about it, and >> different kinds of water seem to bring up different impressions to me... >> Not necessarily based on the sound they make (a running brook as opposed >> to the ocean or a faucet, for example), but rather based on the feeling >> the image brings forth... I nominate "feeling-sound" to receive a >> word... That *needs* to be a word, meaning the sounds that one >> associates with particular feelings, senses, or emotions. >> >> Water in ea-luna was "raru", IIRC without looking, and rain was >> "lala"...but those words were randomly assigned meanings. >> >> Hmmm... What *is* the sound of an emotion? >> Mia >> > >Teonaht has "memwa" for water--probably to indicate its solid yet liquid >quality: it has a membrane that holds it down, it trembles, it's >translucent, it reminds me of memory... I don't know. It's all so >completely subjective, this private language business. > >Sally
In Kelenj, water is "hare", two syllables, and the 'h' could easily be spelled 'kh'. Rain is "taresan" from "tar-" which means drop or fall. The City of Waterfalls is named Attareyn. Sylvia Sotomayor