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CHAT: Latin scansion and whisky

From:Lars Henrik Mathiesen <thorinn@...>
Date:Friday, November 12, 1999, 10:40
> Date: Thu, 11 Nov 1999 22:27:26 +0100 > From: Raymond Brown <ray.brown@...>
> At 1:15 pm +0100 10/11/99, Lars Henrik Mathiesen wrote: > >> Date: Tue, 9 Nov 1999 22:09:41 +0100 > >> From: Raymond Brown <ray.brown@...>
> >As Irina said, it seemed to scan better. In my naive Danish-based > >stress scansion, that is. And forgetting that hi:c is long. > > But in the quantitative scansion of the classical manner: > _ _ . . - - - ( - heavy syllable; . light syllable) > lin gu'hic tu a po na tur ?
And forgetting that po:no: has a long o too... I should never leave home without my Latin dictionary.
> >Anyway, all this waffling about is what comes of you not attending the > >official London CONLANG pubcrawls. You could have put us right from > >the start. > > Sorry :=( > But whether you'd be put right, I don't know. Malt clouds the wits :)
I know. If I post something incoherent this evening, it's because my officemate is arranging a whisky tasting after work. 6 bottles of single cask full strength malt from the Scotch Whisky Society, for 25 people.
> Sorry - I was hoping that I might possibly be able to make the London > meeting (pubcrawl??) - but there was no way I could get there on the > appointed week end. We must meet somewhen as IIRC you're spending a year > in Reading. Maybe somewhen in the Spring?
Nah, it wasn't really a pubcrawl. We talked a lot about going to pubs while walking around, but we ended up eating both lunch and dinner in unlicensed restaurants. However, the t-shirt was born during the second round of beers at the one pub we did go to. I should be here in Reading for 2 years, so there'll be other chances to meet. Not in London, necessarily, I've got a nice little car and need some excuses to run it around the countryside --- and taking a car into London strikes me as suicidal folly.
> Meantime I'll be lying tonight turning the Latin over & over in my mind.
Don't sweat it---Fabian might not even include it, since it's in a conlang used for international communication. (Though I imagine that the imperial bureaucracy did not in fact use the classical language, but something more vulgar). Lars Mathiesen (U of Copenhagen CS Dep) <thorinn@...> (Humour NOT marked)