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Of interest to some (e.g. Yoon)

From:Morgan Palaeo Associates <morganpalaeo@...>
Date:Monday, December 4, 2000, 12:33
There's a monthly quiz on the Web which I sometimes try my hand at.

This month, Question Two is, "What languages are related to Korean?".

The URL is

It's more than just an ordinary quiz. Answers should aim for more than
just technical correctness - commendable qualities include imaginative
expression, eloquence, informativeness, humour, nitpicking, pointing
out faults in the question, a sceptical element of some kind, etc. It's
well worth glancing through previous results to get a feel for how it

The other questions are not language related, but I'm sure conlangers
are up to the challenge. It's apparently possible to win on clever
bluffs, but you probably have to be very clever.