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OT: Who said Florida was 'duh'?

From:Morgan Palaeo Associates <morganpalaeo@...>
Date:Monday, December 4, 2000, 7:07
From a book of anecdotes:

  George Smathers was a man who believed in the truth - in the
broadest and most flexible sense of the word. A truly fearsome
right-winger, Smathers was out to defeat and destroy his Liberal
opponent, Claude Pepper, during the 1950 US Senate primary elections
in Florida. To achieve this end, without swinging one iota from his
guiding principle of honesty, he hit on a brilliant scheme.
  Relying on the limited vocabulary and unlimited impressionability
of the voters, he revealed to them that Pepper was 'a known extrovert,
with a sister who is a Thespian'.
  As this bombshell sunk into the thick skulls of the populace, more
shock horror revelations swiftly followed. Pepper's brother was
mercilessly but quite accurately described as 'a practising homo
sapiens' while Pepper himself could be proved to have 'matriculated'
at college. The real clincher was the appalling news that the beastly
Pepper went in for 'celibacy before marriage'.
  The hick voters out in the sticks reacted just as Smathers knew they
would, mistaking this catalogue of unexceptionable attributes for
evidence of intolerable and disgusting debaunchery, and the 'foul
fellow' was soundly beaten at the polls.
  And /that's/ the truth.