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Re: OT: mp3 files from CD

From:Tim May <butsuri@...>
Date:Thursday, September 26, 2002, 21:37
Jake X writes:
 > >         Same here. I don't have movies, but 3GB of mp3 O:-) Many of them
 > > are from my own CDs, but other are of music that I could only get by
 > > buying to cdnow or any other online place. And as I don't have a VISA,
 > > then ... O:-)
 > How do you get mp3 files from CDs? Whenever I try that, and copy tracks, it
 > comes up as .cda which I don't want.
 > >         Roberto Suarez Soto
 > Jake
This is because the music on your CD isn't in mp3 format - it's in cda
format.  Mp3 is a lossy compression format, which allows a sound
recording to be stored in a smaller file by throwing out some of the
information stored in the cda file.  A psychoacoustic algorithm is
used to select the least noticeable information to remove.  In order
to make an mp3 file, you need to get an mp3 encoder, and that'll
produce mp3 files for you.  There are a number of free mp3 encoders
available for download - I'd suggest LAME, or something based on it.

Incidentally, you might consider (at least for your own use) the
alternative Ogg Vorbis format - mp3 has certain patent issues which
Vorbis does not.  Most major mp3 players support .ogg files these
days, at least through plugins, and it's claimed to have superior
quality per filesize.


Jake X <alwaysawake247@...>