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From:James Campbell <james@...>
Date:Tuesday, April 2, 2002, 6:57
Joe eskrë »

> I have this nagging feeling that I'm the youngest here...soI'm just asking > if everyone under 18 could raise their hands so I feel more at ease :-) > > BTW, I'm only 13...just goes to show :-)
A great age to be a conlanger. I started Jameld about a fortnight before I reached 13, and that first year or so was a flurry of imaginative activity. And Joe, by simply being here you'll be way more knowledgeable about language than I ever was. OTOH, I'm glad Jameld developed without influence from others, because I'm very fond of the way it's turned out... even if I did recently have to revise and replace some of the more pants bits. Und Ray eskrë »
> I was persuaded by one conlanger that this was not "a good thing" -
> are numbers & words are words. However, in these days of texting, the use > of {4} to mean "for", and 2 to mean "to" or "too" (as well, of course, > "four" and "two" respectively) shows that the general public have no > aversion to using digit symbols as non-numeric symbols.
OK, two questions: have you ever sent or received text messages in your conlang? (I have, not that I'm bragging. Just curious.) Have you worked out texting abbreviations for your conlang? (You guessed it, I have. Well, a few. Examples follow...) For Jameld, there are a number of possibilities where the name of the letter is the same (or sounds similar) to another word. So, J = jey (yes) R = ér (rather) or är (do[es], pres tense) S = es (she) T = et (it, the) U = und (and, standard abbrev is »u.« anyway) W = wä (was/were) The digit 0, colloquially called »zo«, stands also for the Jameld word »zo« (so, then, therefore). And it's a fair bet that Jameltses would use Z8 for »zight« (can, may, be able). Finally, on the dictionary database thread, I won't repeat in full my previous comments on using Access, to avoid sending everyone to sleep: search for Jameld AND Access in the list archive at Brown and it'll be there. But in short, my Access database enables me to do tricky sorts involving the Jameldic TS-ligature letter and outputs an MS Word file, ready-formatted, with just some minor tidying to do before I get the dictionary file you see at However, I do have to put in multiple entries for each meaning, which is a bit of a pain. If I started again I'd do it more cleverly. James ========================================================================= James Campbell Jameld web site: Plexus Inventions: =========================================================================