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Tepa Phonology vs Izrinbaa~ (was: Fave Conlangs WAS: Silindion)

From:Christian Thalmann <cinga@...>
Date:Monday, April 1, 2002, 22:12
Dirk Elzinga wrote:

> At 12:11 AM +0100 03/23/02, Christian Thalmann wrote: > >- Tepa (by Dirk Elzinga) is one of the first conlangs I've seen on > >, and it thoroughly impressed me. The phonemically > >spartan but phonetically rich phonology is very cool, and the grammar > >is so outlandish I never had the heart to take an in-depth look. > > Outlandish?! I assume you mean unusual and out of the ordinary :-). > But don't get too attached to Tepa grammar; it's changing a bit.
Upon recent re-examination of the Tepa phonology page I realized how much it probably influenced the creation of my own "freaklang" phonology, Izrinbaa~, back in 2001. It's obviously much less elegant than Tepa, but it does center around the idea of representing many phonetic sounds with very few letters. There's no grammar or vocab yet. Maybe when I'm old and grey I'll have Obrenje and Jovian at a state of completion satisfactory enough for me to divert some time to Izrinbaa~. ;-) Anyway, thanx for the inspiration! =) -- Christian Thalmann