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French Grammar

From:Samuel Rivier <samuelriv@...>
Date:Sunday, October 14, 2001, 1:36
This is straying off the original topic a little but I
have some questions about French phonology

1. Where could I find a transcription into IPA or
XSAMPA of the French phonology, because I'm getting a
bit lost on some of my nasal pronunciations. Or if you
could put a couple French sentences into IPA that
would be great.

2. The schwa in French (in [le, prendre, je])- I know
its slightly rounded but its always transcribed /@/,
and the IPA chart doesnt distinguish the rounded from
unrounded schwa. Why is that? Have any of you ever
seen the schwa trancsribed as /8/ or /@_O/?

-Samuel Rivier

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