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Re: "Usefull languages"

From:Dennis Paul Himes <himes@...>
Date:Sunday, February 24, 2002, 23:58
Padraic Brown <agricola@...> wrote:
> Am 24.02.02, Christophe Grandsire yscrifef: > > If your Constitution has an article against > > discrimination, call your governement, because it's > > anti-constitutional then... > > Of course we don't have such an Article. It's not really > necessary, on account of other statements in the C, the > Right to Persuit of Happiness, especially. If a state > enacts an antigay employment law, rather like "Irish need > not apply" business of 100 years ago; it would be struck > down because it prevents gays from persuing happiness > through being productive citizens.
You're confusing the Constitution with the Declaration of Independence. It's the latter which mentions the "pursuit of happiness". Your basic point is valid, though. A lot of mileage has been gotten out of the phrase "due process" (14th Admendment), for instance. ObConlang: Gladilatian for "pursuit of happiness" is "mzansawaot snrelaot". mza - directed to nsawa - happy ot - (abstractor) snrela - pursuing =========================================================================== Dennis Paul Himes <> Gladilatian page: Disclaimer: "True, I talk of dreams; which are the children of an idle brain, begot of nothing but vain fantasy; which is as thin of substance as the air." - Romeo & Juliet, Act I Scene iv Verse 96-99


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