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Re: "Usefull languages"

From:Almaran Dungeonmaster <dungeonmaster@...>
Date:Monday, February 25, 2002, 8:59
Padraic Brown wrote:
> > At least, everyone in the government knows where his/her place is it's
> > better than having that done by tons of laws like it's done in the US. > > It's just a matter of where you want to put it. If Holland wants > it all from the constitutional level, then that's what they'll > do. We prefer all that from the local and national levels. On the > other hand, if we want the janitors to take on certain duties not > already spelled out, we don't end up in constitutional crisis.
Well, you could just change the constitution. The difference is, that laws can be changed quite easily (within a few months, or even quicker, if necessary). To change the constitution takes at least a few years. So in the constitution, we put things which we do not want changed in the heat of a crisis. Certain civil rights and limits to the power of the government should be in there, so that in the case of a crisis, the government isn't able to solve it by quickly putting aside everything which we value in the long run (such as certain principal rights and duties). However, as the times change and certain articles of the constitution becoem outdated, they are changed after rigorous scrutiny and a decision by a two thirds majority of two consecutive parliamentary sessions. So if we want to become a republic, we can do so, but it will take a few years (5-10 probably). However, if the current crown prince performs a single stupid act, we cannot abolish the royal house in a whim and regret it the year after. Maarten van Beek