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Re: weirdness!

From:The Gray Wizard <dbell@...>
Date:Friday, January 28, 2000, 19:18
> From: Aidan Grey > > Heya Grey Wizard!! > > Et al, of course! > > I just had the very weirdest dream (yes, that is not correct > English, but > whoa, my dream, it has to use that construction!). > > The dream itself wasn't all that weird - standard movie fare, > really. I > was a prince, fighting against another empire, etc. What was weird is that > everyone was named in Amman Iar!!! I don't even speak it, much less know > wenough to dream in it! BUT, I did recognize it because the > "evil" queen we > were vighting was named Vizrielle, or something like that. I > swear I've seen > that name mentioned in conjunction to Amman Iar. That, and I _knew_ in my > dream that it was Amman Iar. How often do people dream about > someone else's > conlang? Or their own, for that matter.
Hmmm. That is weird! Vizrielle wouldn't work because amman iar doesn't have a voiced alveolar fricative. Amazingly, however not only would visriel be a well-formed name for a woman, but a possible derivation might be from VISO, wonder and RIEL, woman, i.e. Wonderwoman!. David David E. Bell The Gray Wizard en aran urren vorneth; edhain ernordharel an engdarian orui minthille en balan alanion ennonnar ascalennen ordhmarrion, en cam alanion orimronniar na taurriar. carilen alanion les geth, sarcil alanion galen deth itair geceleb and meth na brand veth, eni galen elennion tengelar ordirdhirar alanion, an ithil entagon minthille o an anor encelmon.