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From:Danny Wier <dawier@...>
Date:Monday, March 11, 2002, 10:33
I changed my e-mail address to (I just switched from Yahoo
back to MSN/Hotmail). I subscribed under the new addy a few hours ago but
haven't seen any posts.... so maybe I haven't done something, or did we hit the
100 post limit again? ;)

Also, I started my own persoanl MSN Community (instead of a homepage). It's just
a repository for my documents and files, including my music (mostly in MIDI
format). The address is (that's my IRC nick

Finally, Tech has a new name: Exian. It comes from the Greco-Latin version of
the Arabic name for the people, _al-aqsaa_ "the furthest away", since Exia is a
nation of Elves mostly dwelling in sparsely populated areas like deserts,
jungles and mountainous areas.

And the other race -- today's _homo erectus_ actually -- are no longer called
Orcs, but are now Trolls. This, along with the change of the conlang from Tech
to Exian, is a result of "de-Tolkienization". Nothing wrong with J.R.R.; I just
don't want my work to imitate his too much.