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Re: Being Locked in Room...

From:Diana Slattery <slattd@...>
Date:Thursday, January 14, 1999, 10:50

It occurs to me that we could possibly set up such a room virtually using a
variant of the 'collabyrinth' which is part of the Glide language set of tools.
The collabyrinth is used over the web for real-time communication. We could add
a set of visual items--objects--as choices.  The tool will allow several users
to be there at once.  There's also a text tool for writing on the screen, and
placing the text by the objects.  The game could be, confer only in your
conlang or something like that.  As there is also a chat window available, a
conversation in english--or natlang of choice--could be had about the
proceeding at the same time--a meta-discussion.  I think once we have the basic
tool refined, using it in this manner would simply mean the addition of a
bigger selection of graphic elements.  I'll cc this idea to bill--the
programmer in our collaboration-and we'll discuss it in our next meeting as we
continue with this project, if anyone is interested.

Garrett wrote:

> I just had idea: It would be really fascinating for me to be locked into a > room with like 5 or so people, all of who spoke a different language. > Various articles would be spread throughout the room. It would be really > fun to try to communicate with all of them. To throw in a twist, each > person will have been told they had to accomplish a certain goal while they > were in there. Exciting! Anyone up for it? (unfortunately we all speak > english...) > -- > -Time is what keeps everything from happening at once. > > -Garrett Jones aka Alkaline > Rising Sun - C&C2: Tiberian Sun - > Malat -