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Pro que continuar le conversation? Re: META: Re: Let'sreturn to conlanging (was: Li Lingue Modern)

From:Robert J. Petry <ambassador@...>
Date:Tuesday, November 3, 1998, 3:56
Jay Bowks wrote:

> de: Robert J. Petry <ambassador@...> > ad: Multiple recipients of list CONLANG > thema: Re: META: Re: Let's return to conlanging (was: Li Lingue Modern) > In tu responsa a Ray tu dice... > > > > >Well, first of all, I am successfully doing that. Just open your eyes abit. > >Again, another indirect put down. > >I am certainly prepared to accept discussion on the language. Hopefully it > is > >from those who know something about it, other than the name. And, negatives > >stand out. > > Il me pare que tu ha un grande sensibilitate pro > le opiniones de alteres, varie vices io me dice > a me mesme, "non, tu non debe responder > a un message tal, plen de insensate e > vangloriose parolas... ma... hic me trova > io un altere vice facente un responsa, e > le consequentias, qui sapera... nonne?" > > >No one said the languages have no defects, you dost exaggerate a bit. I > have > >said repeatedly the "defects" should be corrected by people actually using > the > >languages, not from those not using them and not speaking from experience > of > >how they are actually working. In fact, 90% of the criticism on Occidental > I've > >seen on the net so far is based on erroneous information. > > Tunc si tu in ver intention vole ameliorar le lingua > Occidental/Interlingue, tu deberea auscultar al > suggestiones de personas que ha plus experientia > que tu in le campo del aux/conlangismo, nonne? > > >Certainly, today Occidental is used already by more than any conlang I have > >seen discussed here, except Esp. and Ila and possibly Ido. And, the user > base > >is growing daily. > > Io crede que il ha plus personas que usa Volapuk > usque nunc quam usa Occidental currentemente, Bob. > > >There are several suggested changes to Occidental mentioned in the Cos. > >magazines that I would love to ask opinions on here and on auxlang. But, > sure > >as shootin, if I did that someone would ask me to take the discussion > >elsewhere. > > > > Non, non le discussion ma le propaganda plen de > information jam vetule face sexanta annos e plus. > > >There are some very good reasons Occ and RLR are not more widely used > today, as > >well as the others. And, _it has absolutely nothing to do with the language > >being no good as you want to erroneously imply_. But, I won't bore anyone > with > >all the positive reasons. > > > > Ecce un costume tue, tu dice que il ha rationes > ma continuemente tu non los apuncta infra... > esque il ha ver rationes o mermente suppositiones > per tu parte, Bob? > > >Last thing. I am very glad Ray decided not to leave the list. However, any > time > >he makes remarks about me like the above, I think I have a right to > respond. "A > >guy [another put down to diminish?] who "seems" [not seems, friend, I am > >successful at what I am doing, and that's the problem. People don't like > that.] > >to be "pretty" certain. [No I am totally certain.] etc. etc. etc. And, I'll > be > >glad to list all of the actual successes in the past 6 months, if anyone > cares > >to know what I've done starting from absolute zero. > > > > Multo ben pro te! Bob, tu crede que tu es alcun > cosa nunc, e io spera que illo te reinfortia tu > senso de importantia. Ben facite, io non cognosce > necun altere que dicerea lo mesme... ma... > > >I really don't understand why this bothers you so much Ray? Anyway, as long > as > >you don't mention me again with negatives, I won't respond with my > disbelief > >that you still want to do that. I don't think I'm that much of a monster > >because I stand up for what I am doing? And, I would like to know why it > would > >be improper to reply to such statements as made about me above? Is there > >anything wrong in that? Thanks. > > > > Primemente, per favor, Bob, non continua con le > aeres de grande commissator e de benefactor > de un lingua morte o quasi. Io es secur que tu > facera un bon responsa a mi parolas como tu > ben volerea exprimer tu pensamentos e isto es > bon... ma retornante al thema del conlangismo > io te advisarea que in le futuro tu face un > inquisition plus definite e plus extensive de > tu proprie linguas favorite e tunc tu poterea > devenir un ver experto in illos. Como tu non > es un conlangista, il es, un autor de un conlang, > qual es tu ver intention in remaner al lista de conlang? > > >Again, I am very glad you stayed on the list. You are an asset here to > >everyone. > > > > Bon parolas pro continuar le stato commun > e le conclusion de un tempore caliente, ma > ante le refrigidation del situation esque tu > poterea, Bob, dicer nos un responsa al > question que se te faceva ante... Si tu non > es conlangista, qual es tu intention? E si > tu non es interessate in considerar publicamente > le defectos o le detalios de con/auxilinguas > pro que continuar le conversation con te? > > >Al l sue, > >Bob, x+ > > > > Since, (in stereo con/auxlang) > Jay B.
Jay, thank you for your kindness, understanding and friendship as a fellow conlanger and IAList. It is much appreciated. Al l sue a v, Bob, x+ Here is a recap I go by on the egroups conlang list statement. Thought you might like to see and review it. You can find it at The CONLANG list is devoted to the discussion of "constructed" or "artifical" languages for general communication. It is essentially concerned with creative linbguistics and not such formal languages such as programming languages or mathematical notation, except as they may relate to a proposal for a mthod of communication. Since many constructed languages have a fictional background, this description is complicated by not being anle to use possibly descriptive terms such as "human language" which would be descriptive, if it were not prejudicial to the Alien conlangs. The reasons for constructing languages cover a wide range of reasons, from proposals to enhance international communication, to the creation of more logical languages to enhance thinking or specialized forms of communication, to exploring linguistic theory through model-building, as background for fictional creation, as art for art's sake, and just for fun. SHORT AUXLANG DESCRIPTION, AND WHY THERE ARE TWO LISTS The AUXLANG list is devoted to discussions of the merits and practicality of particular International Auxiliary Languages -- languages intended to enhance international communication. Since this topic inspires great devotion and frequently also inspires high volumes of debate about the merits and drawbacks of particular languages like Esperanto, the discussion especially of the political, and strategic questions of IALs has been moved to AUXLANG. Auxiliary languages are not banned from the more general discussion on CONLANG, but the discussion's significance should extend beyond the IAL community. For example, a discussion of ergative case marking applied to Esperanto might be interesting to the general community -- a lengthy discussion of the merits and disadvantages of having case markings in an IAL would not be. FLAMING As current listowner for both lists, I would appreciate it if everyone remembers to control their passions and keep discussion polite. Vigorous intellectual argument is sufficient strife for a mailing list -- if you find yourself at the point in an argument where only a dissection of your opponent's character seems like it will do, take it to private email, or wait until your opponent settles down and again posts an argument that is rational enough for you to demolish. People enjoy following debates, but not cat-fights. With almost 100 people on AUXLANG and almost 200 people on CONLANG, your words are carrying to a lot of people. Make them count. LIST REPLY The LISTSERV software will set most postings to reply directly to the list -- This is different from the way these lists used to work. If this causes a problem for anyone by hiding their email address, send me email; the software is supposed not to reset the reply-to address for people who will suffer problems as a result, but it may still cause problems. SPAMMING Unsolicited commercial email is not welcomed on either list. I will summarily and instantly remove anyone who spams these lists. As with most lists on the Internet, small and tasteful mentions of on-topic products are OK for contributing members of the community. And .sig files of moderate length may also mention products without a problem. But direct advertisements and solicitations of participation in business enterprises are right out. In other words, subscribers should not feel restricted from offering to distribute grammars of their languages, or newletters or the like, or to mention products that might be useful to conglangers. By the way, why did you rename this thread, it was META'd so those who don't want to be bothered wouldn't have to read the thread if they didn't want to?