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Hello all: I'm new...a quick question about vocabularies

From:David Bush <dethyvon@...>
Date:Monday, October 5, 1998, 9:06
Hello all fellow creative linguists.
        I joined your group yesterday and love it already.  I find it
strange to unite with people in a hobby that I thought had practically
no following. I love conlangs, but have made only five of any merit. My last
project, a language which I named Kesa, was a language with
Latin-type inflections, except the system was supposedly completely
unambiguous.  I have given up on Kesa because it's so complicated that I
can't write anything in it without much work.
        My question is this: how do you people decide on the vocabularies
of your conlangs?  I set my sights too high for Kesa with a goal to
translate 15,000 English words.  I got up to 2,500.  I have a hard time
limiting my vocabularies under 2,000 words.  What are your meathods?
                                David Bush
Note: "dethyvon" means 'loud thunder' in one of my languages, and is also
the name of a knight in a book I'm writing.

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