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Etabnannimizing Tsiressa Orthography

From:Shreyas Sampat <ssampat@...>
Date:Saturday, February 1, 2003, 4:18
So, since we're talking about orthographies, I tried to make a more etabnannimous
orthography for my conlang Tsiréssa, which was until now frighteningly
Christophe, Tristan, y'all can check off a point for the opaque orthography team. Though
I'm new to this, so this is only a beginning...

In the stressed position, there can be ten vowels:
I io
e eu
a au
o oi
u ue
Digraphs are vowels with the position of the first and rounding of the second.

In the unstressed positions, there appear ten orthographic vowels, which have the
rounding of the stressed vowel:
i io /1 }/
e eu /I Y/
a au /3 3\/
o oi /[unrounded variant of U] U/
u ue /1 }/

Any vowel can be preceded by the glides |y| |w|; these cause rounding-assimilation
of the vowel and are unpronounced in unstressed positions, and are pronounced
ordinarily and have no effect on the vowel in stress positions.

There are eight stops:
/p t c  k/ |p t c k|
/b d J\ g/ |b d j g|

There are ten fricatives:
/   s: s\: h:/ |   ss yc  hh|
/f  s  s\  h / |f  s  ys  h |
/v  z  z\    / |v  z  yz    |

Finally, there are eight fricative-stop-esque clusters:
/Sp St s\: k:/ |pf ts cs ks|
/Zp Zt s\  Sk/ |pv tz cz kz|
Word-finally, these lenite to (short) fricatives, and word-initially /Sp Zp s\: s\/ manifest
as /p b cs\ cz\/.

There are also the nasals
/m n J/ |m n yn|
and the liquids
/r l/; which may be syllabic.  More on these later.

All of -those- digraphs are read as one character.
Now, Ts. has a length distinction in stressed vowels, but this distinction moves to
consonants when the vowel loses the stress. Duplicate the last consonant in the
cluster following a vowel to indicate "syllable length".
Any consonant can also be long and immune to the vowel lengthening in stress: this
is indicated by suffixing |h| word-finally, or lengthening the vowel
There are two mutations:
|qC| means "harden C"; fricatives become their stop, nasals become nasal-stop
clusters or plain stops if following a nasal, stops lengthen, /r l/ become /rd
|wC| means "soften C"; voiceless things voice, voiced things delete.

Dritaa iwtanh kamaadh, yseyniid tosqsirat avjutud...
...ya, tuyniide ysewsirat tann, pvetsa tosqsirat sin inuut mun ysedah!

/drit:3 1da:n k3m:ad: s\IJid: tUst1rat 3\vJ\}tud
ja t1J:idI s\Iz1rat t:an bISta tUst1rat sin 1n:ut mun s\Idah/

Shreyas Sampat


Christophe Grandsire <christophe.grandsire@...>