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Tasratal: more connectives

From:Yoon Ha Lee <yl112@...>
Date:Thursday, November 1, 2001, 4:26
I'm sure more will emerge as I think of them (or get stumped as to how to
express certain constructions by combining existing ones), but what the
hey.  Connectives are "function" words, mostly particles, in an artlang
arranged triad-wise.

I'm especially open to suggestions on the clausal and conjunctive
particles; I'm not really satisfied with the latter, and I'm sure the
former needs work.

all: ta [ta]
some: bu [Pu]
none: roq [rox]


prerequisite: pai [pai]
corequisite: myt [mi"t]
nonrequisite: ci [tSi]

Possible examples:
"Darth Vader" "lightsaber"-ge "take"-kyx-pai "Yoon"-rau "attack"-kyx. ~=
      Darth Vader picked up the lightsaber in order to attack Yoon.
"Darth Vader" lightsaber"-ge "take"-kyx-myt "force field"-ge
"activate"-kyx. ~=
      Darth Vader picked up the lightsaber and activated the force
      field (which were both necessary for some third purpose).
"Darth Vader" "food"-ge "eat"-kyx-myt "water"-ge "drink"-kyx.
      Darth Vader ate food and drank water (and it's unthinkable
      or impossible to do one without doing the other).
"Jedi" "jacket"-ge "wear"-kyx-ci "Darth Vader"-rau "attack"-kyx.
      The Jedi who wore the jacket attacked Darth Vader (and the
      jacket had nothing to do with the attack in itself).


but, however: aq [ax]
and, also: zel [tsel]
therefore, since: rus [rus]

ObObConlang: What conjunctions appear in y'all's conlangs?  Or any
interesting and especially stealable natlang ones?

Yoon Ha Lee []

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