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Re: nimium eruditionem habes

From:Jim Hopkins <espero9@...>
Date:Monday, September 25, 2000, 22:54
"If you can read this, you are over-educated!"

In Druni:

"Kashá iidóva makbáshya makayáre, krázhni tilávit onyáre!"

kashá - [if] preposition
iidóva - [this] demonstrative pronoun, nominative singular.
makbáshya - [to read] active infinitive.
makayáre - [you can] second person singular, active present.
krázhni - [too much] adverb non-declinable.
tilávit - [having learned] adjectival active past participle.
onyáre - [you are] verb second person singular active present.

Kinlán tarumaínen korunyízhen tséy!
(What a lot of translations to do!)

Tá ebón Drúna ukhóva sabutyáren!
(The people of Drun greet you!)
Jim H