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Daily translations 9/24-25

From:Roger Mills <romilly@...>
Date:Monday, September 25, 2000, 5:38
The Gray Wizard wrote:
>(9/24) English: It is best to prepare for the wants of tomorrow.>
Kash: caleñi, han láhaka letrayu liri ambitas letrata ca-leñ-ni, han laha-ka ler-tayu ri-ri añ-pita-sh ler-rata SUP- good-its, 2sACC prepare-IMP day-this** NOM-need-PL day-come* (*fossilized forms) (Prefix ca- forms just a few very common superlatives.) An alternative to caleñi would be tikasni < tikas 'see', as an exclamation 'pay attention, mind....; see to it prepare yourself today for the needs of tomorrow'
>(9/25) English: A willful beast must go his own way.
Kash: (lit.) kulawu cashendek yatinjeto peñánitu k. ca-shendek ya-tinje-to peña-ni-tu animal ACCID-strong.willed 3s-choose-FUT path-his-REFL "A stubborn animal will choose his own path." The Kash may have little experience with willful _beasts_, so they might want to generalize this to include people: haniu cashendek yatinjeto peñanitu "A stubborn spirit/soul/mind ...... In either version, you could also insert _netu_ 3sDAT-REFL 'for himself' before yatinjeto. And of course-- te marungota "lekrámombínda"! (I wish you "happy birthday")