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Re-ignition, and re-hello

From:Chris Palmer <cecibean@...>
Date:Saturday, January 19, 2002, 17:16
Greetings, conlangers old and new! I have decided to rejoin the list
after a long absence. (Back in my day, the list server was in Denmark,
and we had to walk uphill both ways, in the snow, just to post! And we
*liked* it!)

Some of you may remember my old conlang pala-kalloejna. It's dead and I
took the PDF off my web site (which itself has moved around more times
than I can count). However, with the help of Perl, WordNet and a few
phonological borrowings from Spanish and Mandarin, I will have a new
lang for you all to eyeball. (No ETA, though--I have a reputation as a
slacker to maintain).

What else? I've moved from Minneapolis to San Francisco, so I'll have to
skip the old yearly Dinktytown get-togethers (still do those? Any
Minneapolitans still around?). Any conlangers in the Bay Area?



Patrick Jarrett <seraph@...>