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Re: Introducing Oro Mpaa: Phonology

From:Christian Thalmann <cinga@...>
Date:Friday, January 10, 2003, 10:58
Whee!  A reply!  I was afraid the thread would sink into oblivion
without ever being answered...

--- In, Jeff Jones <jeffsjones@E...> wrote:

> Does the feedback *have* to be sensible? Anyways ... > On the HTML: the link for 2.2. is wrong, maybe missing a # ?
It seems so. I'll fix that when I get home.
> Also I
had to
> scroll horizontally to read most of the fixed-size tables. I don't
> they really need to be that wide. Otherwise ...
I just wanted to make the columns equally wide. There used to be such a checkbox in Netscape Composer, but I can't find it in my current version. Anyway, I'll switch to Safari as quickly as possible...
> The phonology looks reasonable (even if I would have done a couple
> differently -- no matter).
Do tell!
> My question is: how do you manage to make the descriptions so
simple? I'm glad if they appear so, they are intended to be understandable. I was afraid the stuffy tables would be a throw-off. Thanks for the feedback. -- Christian Thalmann -- +++ GMX - Mail, Messaging & more +++ NEU: Mit GMX ins Internet. Rund um die Uhr für 1 ct/ Min. surfen!