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Re: Personality Type / Myers Briggs (was: Philotype)

From:daniel andreasson <danielandreasson@...>
Date:Monday, September 24, 2001, 7:57
David Peterson wrote:

> 1. Epicurean > 2. Aristotelian > 3. Lockean > [...] > I read the description of each one and disagreed strongly > with each one,
I got the same three, though in a different order: 1. Aristotelian 2. Lockean 3. Epicurean For me though, I thought they described me pretty well. At least if you put them all together, as a kind of an Arilockepic. The test that n e v e r applies to me is that Personality Type / Myers Briggs / Jung / ISTJ/ENFP / whatever test. Whenever I take that test I get a different result. I always feel I could be either/or for every question. Does anyone else experience the same thing? I think we've discussed this before. These are pairs you have to choose between. For me it's impossible. I'm almost always both. Examples: think out loud YES think before they act YES like to be around people a lot YES are comfortable spending time alone YES are easily distracted YES have good concentration YES admire practicality YES admire creativity YES focus on the facts & specifics YES focus on ideas & the big picture YES are more realistic - see what is YES are more imaginative - see possibilities YES are objective YES get their feelings hurt easily YES are motivated by achievement YES are motivated by being appreciated YES like to make plans YES like to wait-and-see YES like to finish projects best YES like to start projects best YES Is there something wrong with this test or is there something wrong with me? Perhaps this is common to conlangers, being a little of both? ||| daniel