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Re: Silindion Returns (slightly long, but interesting I hope)

From:Christophe Grandsire <christophe.grandsire@...>
Date:Friday, March 14, 2003, 9:47
En réponse à Elliott Lash <erelion12@...>:

> > Right,'s O then :) >
> > Okay, so it's'll just have to move really > fast to other things, no problems there :) >
> > know...that makes more sense. I think they'd > stay /i/ and /u/ then....or maybe go to /I/ and /U/ or > would that not make sense? >
Unstressed /i/ and /u/ going to /I/ and /U/? I find that extremely plausible! :) In Maggel it happens constantly synchronically :) .
> > Could it be that the Western System as I proposed it > was just a transistion system which quickly became > something the one that you proposed? In that case, I > can keep mine and just add in an extra step saying > that later on things changed into what you had. >
OK :)) . What name are you gonna give to this extra step? ;))))
> > Actually, what I originally had was that /I/ and /U/ > goes to /e/ and /o/ in Silinestic which then become > /E/ and /O/ in Silindion...I think this is just a > matter of forgetting to put in my intermediate > branch...I basically had the same idea as you I guess. >
Yep :) .
> > My idea was that /e/ and /o/ would both become a > fronted round vowel like /2/ or something in all > positions, which would then become /i-/ or soemthing > like that. Which would then become /@/ Does that make > sense? In any event, /e/ and /o/ must become /@/ > hope it'll work. >
Without some outside influence, for instance to centralise /e/ into /@\/ and /o/ into /8/, with /@\/ and /8/ merging later into /@/, I can't see how it would happen... There again, as I said in unstressed syllables it would be easy. It's just that in stressed syllables I can't see how it would happen...
> > > I said, the short forms of /e:/ and /o:/ > ought to be /e/ and /o/ in Silinestic, /E/ and /O/ > arrising later. >
So then you really have a perfect system :)) . Christophe. It takes a straight mind to create a twisted conlang.