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From:Samuel Rivier <samuelriv@...>
Date:Saturday, July 7, 2001, 16:07
Hi Thomas- sorry to hear about your family member-
your message was prettu vague on some points, but I do
hope that whatever you are doing england, you'll enjoy

the french r is normally depicted as "R" in IPA
transcriptions, so I stick with it. When the r is next
to a voiced consonant ie Grande, bavarde, etc, and it
is almost always unvoiced. As I said, I grew up around
these sounds and because I was raised a native English
speaker, I always pronounced the /R/ (or /X/) as /h/
or a weak /x/.

I have a very simple solution to the globe problem.
Buy a normal earth globe that is unelevated and has
latitude and longitute carved in it, and paint over
Be sure not to use watercolor (obvious, don't you
think?), and maybe you should also stay away from
acrylic, simply because it will peel easily from
something like a globe. I think oils might do the
same. I suggest using model paint.

All planets that spin have magnetic fields. Thus I
think that we can induce that all that which would be
defined as a planet has a magnetic field. Venus barely
has one because its spin is so slow, but it exists

Samuel Rivier

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