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Re: NATLANG: What's the sound of Castilian <s>?

Date:Monday, December 8, 2003, 0:49
Roger Mills scripsit:

> While I'm at it-- one doesn't often get a chance to correct the Incredible > Mr. Cowan, but: _ceceo_ refers to the pronunciation of /z/ and /c/-before > front V as [T], nothing to do with /s/. I think most Castillians would gasp > to hear someone lisp their /s/'s.
I've seen that definition of ceceo as well, but most sites use the one I gave -- the collapse of /T/ and /s/ into [T]. Unlike seseo, ceceo is highly stigmatized and confined to fairly small regions of Andalusia. The article on Andalusian Spanish varieties at is a typical instance of this usage, and gives lots of details about what really goes on in different parts of And. (the stuff about Spanish and English in Gibraltar is really fascinating and disturbing). There are some problems with the character set: theta appears as e-grave on my system, lambda as e-diaeresis, and apical s as oe-ligature. In addition, the author uses the diaeresis as a conventional sign of a laxed vowel, important in eastern And. Sp. where lost coda /s/ has caused a tense-lax phonemic distinction.
> Odd how the mind works.
Indeed. -- John Cowan <jcowan@...> Unified Gaelic in Cyrillic script!