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Re: Why we don't discuss auxlangs on CONLANG list

From:Bryan Maloney <bjm10@...>
Date:Thursday, November 5, 1998, 16:15
On Thu, 5 Nov 1998, Robert J. Petry wrote:

> The idea is to get the customer saying yes, yes, yes, this is good, yes I > would like that, and while they are saying yes, instead of no, slip in an "ok > I'll write you up an order, ok?" Yes, the customers says before he realizes > what has happened. At least, that's what all the sales classes, courses, > books, articles, etc. teach. It's called "sales technique".
It never works on me. I start with "I refuse to buy your product until and unless it meets the following criteria"--and then I don't buy until it does. All the sales reps that target our research group get sent to swim with the Shark named Bryan...
> > And when I point out the flaws in a product to a salesman, he takes note, > > and sometimes the product has been changed to suit. > > Of course, he wants your money so he can stick some commission in his pocket. > That actually is his job, to agree with the customer and make changes where > possible, so the customer will buy. If the changes can't be made, the salesman > promises to do all he can. That's fair for now isn't it Mr. Jones? Good, may I > write the order for you then? Excellent, what is your middle initial?....
I have a set of criteria. If the product does not meet the criteria, I will not buy it. If needs be, I will MAKE the damned thing myself (and I have, since sometimes homemade reagents and equipment work better than anything on the market). Some salesmen keep coming back, some talk to me once and never return. There are some lab supply companies that I can tell have just hired a new sales staff. It's the first, last, and only time I see the rep. He pitches a product, I ask for specifics, I give my counter-specifics and say there will be no purchase of anything that does not meet our research needs. I never see nor hear from sales rep again. Now, there are companies that have come out with new products and distributors that have gone out and found what we want. They get our money, and the others don't. In choosing lab supplies, I am 100% goal-oriented, why should I be different in choosing an auxlang?
> positive input and honest questions? Versus, that won't work, it doesn't suit > my perspective, or people won't accept it, it's too passive, too eurocentric,
I've never claimed that anything will or won't work in an IAL. However, I will still say that IALers who I have seen trying to convert me do not do so in any rational fashion.
> is an opposite side to that too. My idea is better than your idea so I can't
Since I don't work on IAL, I don't have that perspective.
> Or, are they? Exceptions in language grammar, etc. are sometimes necessary > because of the nature of the function of the human brain. That's why one now
Necessary? Indeed, but why presume that an IAL is necessary at all? Furthermore, why do it with religious fervor, claiming that anybody not intersted in the IAL has some kind of selfish agenda or is an ignorant git? I've seen plenty of that in my day.