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Name of a book...

From:Peter Clark <pc451@...>
Date:Sunday, January 17, 1999, 0:21
   Would someone who has a.) a good memory or b.) access to a better
archive than eGroups (may all their camels have fleas!) help me with
the title of a book? I think the first word in the title is "Codex"
followed by another word that I can't remember (obviously!) It's
written in an invented language, and someone on the list said that it
has some artwork in it as well.
   BTW: about this LinguistList archive business, I would like to add
my two kopeks by saying that if the new archive will have a fully
functional search engine that isn't limited to the past four months, I
will heartily endorse it. I'm fed up with suddenly remembering
something that interested me six months ago but not remembering enough
about it to find the necessary information.
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