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From:Jason Hooper <nirgal@...>
Date:Sunday, January 17, 1999, 16:57 wrote in a private email:
> > I though maybe it would be neat to have one text that every one would > translate into their languages. That way it would give us all a better > comparison. If we had room we could still have a second sample that would > reflect more the culture of the language itself.
I like this idea. It would be a better way to show not which languages are better than others but how they translate the same text in their own way. Would we use text already available, like from Shakespeare or from the Bible? Or should we here on CONLANG make our own? I'll be thinking of this when browsing the web, in case I come across something fitting this purpose. (Note that the examples that are already there are there for good, since they describe cultural aspects, etc, of the language.) Again, if your language is not posted and you want a chance to post a quick and free plug of it, visit ... ... and read the part on having your language(s) posted. -jrh