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Re: Classification of Abstract Words

From:John Quijada <jq_ithkuil@...>
Date:Wednesday, March 21, 2007, 3:37
Simon Clarkstone wrote:
>Does this translation [into Ithkuil of the English word "justice"] have any
of the connotations of *moral* right and wrong found in the English word "justice"? I can't see them ============================================= Excellent question, Simon. In fact, the use of the AMALGAMATE Context carries the moral sense you're asking about. The AMALGAMATE raises the semantic "scope" of a noun (or verb) stem to a level involving and impacting society as a whole on both material and spiritual/moral levels, so that the meaning of the stem is to be interpreted as having social, spiritual, and moral implications. It is explained in Sec. 3.6.4 of the Ithkuil grammar. And I'm happy to know that the language offers inspiration to your conlanging efforts. Cheers! --John Q.