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From:Barry Garcia <barry_garcia@...>
Date:Friday, January 9, 2004, 2:22
Since i am bored, and want to work on another conlang, i decided to try
one with cases. Now, i'd like to do it nominative/accusative style, but
i'm not sure how it works with both transitive and intransitive sentences.
Also, how are subordinate clauses, and complex sentences handled?

And, for the cases that mark roles other than nominative/accusative, how
do they work within the sentence?

Please, try to keep it simple. Me learn slooooow :).

So far i've got these cases:

nominative: not marked
accusative: -mas
dative: -iul
genitive: -sar
instrumental: -od
allative: -adeu
ablative: -lal
locative: -sei

With the word for "leaf" - manath you get the possible combinations:

manath /ma'naT/
manathmas /ma'naTmas/
manathiul /ma'naTiul/
manathsar /ma'naTsar/
manathod /ma'naTod/
manathadeu /ma'naTadeu/
manathlal /ma'naTlal/
manathsei /ma'naTsej/


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