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OT Looking for volunteers

From:Adam Walker <carrajena@...>
Date:Thursday, March 29, 2007, 23:10
My apologies to those of you who may receive more than
one copy of this.  I am looking for four or five
individuals who would be willing to write a couple of
paragraphs of "lit crit" for a short-short that I
wrote several years ago.

I am writing one piece of "criticism" under the name
Sir Pompous Twitt, Ph.D.  I invite you to have fun in
like manner.  Be scathing if you wish.  Ramble if you
wish.  Make unsupportable conclusions if you wish.
But make it look like literary criticism.  If you have
time to do this over the weekend let me know and I'll
be glad to e-mail you a copy of the story.

I'm planning to use these gems to teach some high
school lessons on how to use sources in writing a
research a paper for literature and how to cite
sources,  avoid plagiarism, etc.  I can pay for your
services with nothing but my thanks.  If you are
interested, please e-mail me directly, not the lists.
Thanks in advance.


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