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Re: Miapimoquitch text: Eye Juggler (long)

From:Tim May <butsuri@...>
Date:Wednesday, March 10, 2004, 3:32
Questions about the second and third clauses

Dirk Elzinga wrote at 2004-01-21 08:31:15 (-0700)
 > 2.  [?i's1a 'ka:sup\"t1Ga"t1Ga "?as1'w1G1N"gi:]
 >      isea kaasuptekateka asewekenki
 >      n-  sea    kaasu    -pte -ka -teka     a=  se-   <Vk>   wenki
 >      TR- out.of remove:U -EYE -UN -RED:DIST DS= 3poss <COLL> eye
 >      They were taking out their eyes
 > 3.  [ju'nanai 'w1pp1p\"t1Ga"t1Gahu ?i '?auGai]
 >      yunanai weppeptekatekahu i aukai
 >      yu=  n-  anai    weppe   -pte -ka -teka     -hu        i   a=  ukai
 >      and= TR- upwards throw:U -EYE -UN -RED:DIST -away.from OBL DS= sky
 >      and throwing them up into the air
 > This clause provides a good example of the structures possible in
 > complex predicates. The first element of a complex predicate hosts
 > the proclitic string (here represented by _yu=_ 'and') and is
 > inflected for transitivity. The final element of a complex
 > predicate shows phase and number marking and bears lexical and
 > directional suffixes.

I'm not sure that I understand transitivity in Miapimoquitch.  What's
the relation of _kaasuptekateka_ to _isea_, to begin with?


Dirk Elzinga <dirk_elzinga@...>