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Re: Onomastics and taxonomies; Was, LeGuin; Was: 12th-century conlang

From:Douglas Koller <laokou@...>
Date:Tuesday, March 30, 1999, 4:40
Christophe Grandsire wrote:

> The words bleths and ve'ri'ths are very interesting. Is Ge'arthnuns the > language of a society where homosexuality is totally accepted? Or do those > words have a derogatory meaning?
Pretty much totally accepted. No, these words are not derogatory.
>The fact is that you have words for God > and Christ, so it seems that the Christian religion (which has always been > totally against homosexuality) is important in this society. How do you > handle this paradox?
I don't. This is just the way it is.
> Here again, I find it strange but interesting. A nation where the king or > queen regnant could be homosexual and live without problems with his/her > lover, who would also have a title... Can I join this nation? :)
Warmly welcome.
> Do you have a webpage? I'd like to know more about this.
I have said several times on this list that a basic site is approaching completion. Me thinks I have cried wolf a few times too many. To date, two chapters of the grammar are done, lexicon on the English-Ge'arthnuns side completed up to the letter "f", and a couple or sample texts. Still tweaking, hoping to finish a third grammar chapter before going web-bound. Also still shopping for free webspace. Kou