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Re: Kalini Sapak bits (or How to buse the letter "X" ...)

From:John Cowan <jcowan@...>
Date:Wednesday, November 14, 2001, 20:31
Andreas Johansson wrote:

> Now, I don't want to use any digraphs (esp as that's only 23 phonemes and > the Latin alphabet 's got 26 letters). My current idea is "q" for /x/ > (Somali does this), "c" for /G/ (after-all, "c" is related to gamma ...) > and, take a deep breath, "x" for /N/. I know this last is pretty > counter-intuitive, but "x" is used for a bit of everything around the > world, so why not a velar nasal? Also, pretty much everything else is already
> used. Anyone got any comments/ideas?
I suggest swapping "q" and "x"; "x" then aligns with IPA, and "q" with Fijian (sort of).
> /yawal/ "star (ACC)" is ['jQwal] > /yiwal/ "starrier" is ['jywal] > > /qayak/ "horse" is ['xEjak] > /quyaku/ "(he) rides" is ['xyjaku]
These seem unnatural to me. Umlauts like this usually involve anticipation, but [a] is not rounded, so I wouldn't expect it to round preceding [a] to [Q] or [i] to [y]. Otherwise all looks good! -- Not to perambulate || John Cowan <jcowan@...> the corridors || during the hours of repose || in the boots of ascension. \\ Sign in Austrian ski-resort hotel


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