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Romaji as syllabary

From:Gary Shannon <fiziwig@...>
Date:Wednesday, February 16, 2005, 16:09
I just woke up with this odd thought running through
my mind for a quick and easy syllabary.  Each of the
26 letters of the Roman alphabet could be treated as a
syllable and pronounced in full within the context of
the word.  Thus "STO" would be pronounced "es'tio",
"HAD" would be "aitchay'dee".

Then maybe the lower case letters could represent an
alternate syllable like "R" = "aar" while "r" = "ro".
Maybe the rule could be vowel before consonant in the
upper case and vowel after consonant in the lower
case.  ("M" = "em", "m" = "ma", "P" = "ep", "p" =
"pee", "TO" = "tio", "tO" = "eto", etc. (But what
about "A" vs "a" hmmm. I don't know.))

That would make for an easy-to-remember 52 symbol
syllabary.  And it could be easily mapped onto a
custom made font that worked easily with the standard
English keybord.

Is 52 enough? There would be 140,608 valid 3-syllable
words and 7.3 million 4-syllable words.  That seems
like enough.


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