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Re: Romaji as syllabary

From:Damian Yerrick <tepples@...>
Date:Monday, February 28, 2005, 23:45
"Ray Brown" <ray.brown@...> wrote:

> 1. I am not eniterely happy at the present system where lexical morphemes > will begin with a consonant + unstressed vowel + stressed vowel. I know > Fuishiki Okamoto was quite happy with short vowels followed immediately by > long vowels in Babm, but the similar feature in Bax troubles me a little. > If the unstressed vowel is either /i/ or /u/ then [j] or [w] could be used > instead. But what does one do with unstressed /a/ before a stressed vowel?
Here I'll suggest treating unstressed /a/ as aspiration, for example /paí/ as [p_hi], as a sort of allusion to PIE laryngeals.
> As there are 133 possible CV and another 133 possible VC combos, > this does not seem to be making the best use of them. It occurs to me > that in a _briefscript_ one ought to make better use of them.
Should a briefscript allow for some error detection?
> Darn browsers! I test my pages with Mozilla and Opera - and they work OK. > I've given up trying with Internet Explorer, as my version, at least, > seems hopeless. But some info please. How do I tell your browser to handle > Unicode? How do I include IPA symbols the in the html coding? I've tried > decimal & IE doesn't like that either.
With IE, it appears you need to use CSS font-family: to render the body with a font containing IPA symbols. Use Character Map to find an appropriate font. Unlike IE, Mozilla knows how to do font substitution in cases where a font lacks glyphs for a given character.
> I guess the only sure way is to create pdf documents - and I don't > have the software to do that.
Ghostscript is free software that replaces Acrobat Distiller. -- Damian