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Re: Any Muscovites here?

From:Y.Penzev <isaacp@...>
Date:Friday, March 1, 2002, 13:28
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From: Fabian <fabian@...>
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Sent: Friday, March 01, 2002 2:40 PM
Subject: Any Muscovites here?

> Hi, > > I'm mostly a lurke, so you might not recognise me, although I used to be > active. > > Anyway, in about 2-3 weeks, I will be in Moscow for 2 nights, and I was > wondering if anyone there wants to meet up? > > Email me off-list if you are interested. > > -- > Fabian >
AFAIR there were two conlangers from Moscow in this List. Vassily Chernov is now off the List, since he has some problems with his job, but you can try to reach him at bc_@MAIL.RU. The other one is Pavel Iosad. Though he's got hard times now too, being finishing secondary school, try to catch him, he smtime appears in the List. Yitzik ~~~~~~~~~~~~~