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About Sinophone "voiced aspirates"

From:Emily Zilch <emily0@...>
Date:Wednesday, June 2, 2004, 0:52
For the "voiced aspirate" series in Middle (and Early) Chinese, they
were probably "murmured" rather than forcefully aspirated - *not* like
modern Hindi. This is similar to the glottalic PIE theory of
Gamkrelidze et al. - murmured, not aspirated.

I can't give you all the cites. I could dig through lots of work, but
let me just say that I studied Classical Chinese, Modern Mandarin,
Korean, Japanese and some Vietnamese. MOST of the "classicists" (i.e.
Karlgren) make no attempt to create a stable phonology for older
periods of Chinese - those orthographies make me insane. (Eww,

Anyway, just my 5-yuan's worth.