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Sawelenedere 4

From:John Leland <lelandconlang@...>
Date:Tuesday, June 1, 2004, 21:42
Theogony 4
Continuation of the translation of Hesiod's
Theogony into Sawelendere. In this section I tried to
stay closer to the original Proto IE roots--I have a
tendency to generate words from Latin if I don't think
of an obvious Proto-IE root, as I know much more Latin
than PIE. This version still needs work, especially on
syntax; at the moment it tends to follow word order of
the English version of Hesiod I was using.
In some places the Sawelendere is not an exact
translation of the English base text; in those cases my
English interlinear gives a literal translation of the
Sawelenedere followed by the English word from the base
text in parentheses.

John Leland

Sowo sokewenete to newiwokanete dugatere megi Dyasi
So spoke the fresh-voiced daughters of great Sky (Zeus)
Heneke kerepewenete heneke donawenete bakan ege bakan
And grasped (plucked) and gave me (a) staff
Bagan *boloye *layure hayasi okare
A bough of blooming laurel shining (wonderful) to see.
Heneke hanemewenete sakan wokan hene hoson egon.
And breathed (a) sacred voice in(to) mouth my
Kesune kolike kanare gawayenetos
With which to sing (celebrate) coming-things
Heneka kalika periheyenete. Egon hupedekewenete
And (those) which will come. Me (they) ordered
Kanare wekiyon sakun kowi gewigenete
To sing (the) race of holy (blessed) ones who live
Semepere heneke kanare Wite *peridimone
Heneke hene hanate. Ne megiyore nehati! Piriduye!
And in (the) end. No more delays! Begin!