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a Langmaker file I made up, based on a possible Frogman phonology

From:Danny Wier <dawier@...>
Date:Saturday, May 20, 2000, 3:57
Well I did a rather simple thing on Langmaker -- I generated 1,000 single
syllable words (with no meaning assigned) using a CVC structure based on the
Hangul Jamo (without archaic symbols), with some modifications.

Single consonant marks like g, d, b, s, j became plain voiceless consonants
/k/, /t/, /p/, /s/, /c/ (= tš).  Double 'tense' consonants (gg, dd, bb, ss,
jj) became voiced consonants /g/, /d/, /b/, /z/, /j/ (= dž) etc.  The
aspirated consonants ch, k, t, p became voiceless fricatives: /š/ (s-caron),
/x/, /þ/ (thorn/theta) and /f/.

The fricative consonants might become voiced according to Verner's Law, or
the voiced stops intervocally: /ž/ (z-caron), /gamma/, /ð/ (edh/delta) and

The vowels are a bit dicey.  /w/ and /y/ (= /j/) occur before some vowels.
The vowels are /a/, /æ/ (ash), /e/, /å/ (a-ring), /i/ and /y/ (which should
be i-bar).  (Yes, y is both a consonant and a vowel.)

The lexicon file (which can be converted to a Microsoft Excel file if you
change the extension to .xls) is:

And download the file called [whatever.lex].

(If you don't have Langmaker, you can get it from
It's a spreadsheet program with functions like random word generator,
phonetic shifter, and what not.  I still really don't know how to use it.)

Why am I even bothering to talk about this?  First of all, this is probably
a preview of what I might have in Frogman.  The script could be a modified
Hangul, since the Frogmen are a practical people, and Hangul is the most
successful alphabet ever developed that shows the shape of the mouth for
each phonetic symbol.  The caveat is that Frogman is based on Indo-European,
not Korean or even Altaic.

But I did this for grins.  See how you like these words, and hell I might
just make another nameless a priori conlang (tentatively called Whatever)...

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