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Re: Universal Translation Language

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Date:Saturday, June 5, 1999, 21:10
Dans un courrier dat=E9 du 05/06/99 21:33:26  , Ray a =E9crit :

> 'Attributive'
[snip] _attributive adjectives_ (e.g. a
> new house; noviy dom; ein neues Haus) behave in one way as regards > inflexions, agreement etc, and _predicative adjectives_ behave a differen=
> way (e.g. the house is new; dom nov; das Hause ist neu). I wasn't aware > that there was a different terminology.
yes, in france grammarians (i.e. acad=E9miciens) say "qualificatif" (new hou= se)=20 and "=E9pith=E8te" (house is new) adjectives while linguists consider that o= ne is=20 the "independant" and the second the "integrated" form of the same=20 attributive rheme, which i agree with.=20
> =20 > 'equative'
[snip] I must admit that I
> have met this second use of 'equative' less often - but it is not AFAIK > particularly French any more than it is English usage - namely the type o=
> sentence where one noun is 'equated' with the other: "Fred is leader". T=
> verb "is" is sometimes called an 'equational verb' to distinguish it from > the 'active/passive' sort of verbs, though I admit the terms 'copulative > verb' or 'copula' are more common (but I guess I see why some people pref=
> 'equative'& 'equational' rather than 'copulative'.) >
yes again. french linguists definitely make a difference between equative as=20 a rheme ("equational verb") and equative as a comparative. i used it in the=20 "equational verb" meaning (to pertain to x class) : active : the moon shines attributive : the moon is shiny equative : the moon is a shiny (body) subordination level : active : the shining moon attributive : the shiny moon equative : - integration level : active : the shining / *shiner (shining =3D act of // *shiner =3D actor of) attributive : *the shiny equative : the shine this is of course only worth for one "axe d'actance" (role viewpoint). mathias
> Ray. > =20